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Masculine Valentine's Day Inspiration

Valentine's Day is next week and I wanted to share a masculine Valentine's Day project with you all! Several years ago I created some Gelli printed papers using a heart stencil that I LOVED! The blueish teal print was my favorite of the bunch. The thought of cutting it up and actually using it was too much for me! If you're a paper lover you understand the agony of having only one sheet left of your favorite pattered paper. Gelli printed papers make this dilemma especially challenging because each print is unique. I've never been able to recreate a Gelli print with any precision, so I did the next best thing... I scanned the print!



I played around with it in Photoshop, (using my preschool level knowledge of PS LOL) altering the color and scale of the print, so fun! I love the original, but this print in green is really nice too!  I kept the scale the same, and printed the pattern in both blue and green, and created pillow boxes filled with candy for my two guys.  I used curling ribbon to wrap the box, and then added little tags, and die cut stars with mini brads.



This simple packaging says "Happy Valentine's Day, I got you some chocolate."  That really should be a sentiment for a card LOL, I'm going to have to go whip up a few! I know that It's sometimes challenging to create handmade masculine cards for the guys in our lives, I always try to share ideas to make this task easier. I hope this non-traditional color palette inspires you to create some non-lovey-dovey Valentine's Day cards for someone in your life!



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